Marketing Your Vacation Rental

Marketing to last-minute vacationers

Written by Tyler Pyburn
Marketing to last-minute vacationers
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19035-7A critical key to our successful marketing efforts at has always included looking at data, based on over 21 years of experience, and identifying vacationer trends. We have reported, for example, that right after the holidays, people start to plan their next summer vacation. While our web traffic certainly shows a huge jump a few weeks into the start of the year, January is not actually the busiest time on our site for vacationers.

The graphic below reflects the large jump in traffic at the start of the year, but it also indicates the steady growth in traffic that continues well into the heart of the summer.


While one might expect and hope that most vacationers are advanced planners, many of them are actually procrastinators!

How should you market your home accordingly?

If you do still have availability late in the booking season, here are a few tips in order to take advantage of the heavy traffic during the summer months:

  • Make sure your calendar is up to date! Many vacationers will sort by “Calendar Last Updated,” and you definitely don’t want to fall to the bottom of the list
  • Have your pricing set for as many upcoming months as possible. While the bulk of the traffic is related to people looking for a last minute getaway, many are looking for the fall, long-term, and even rentals for next summer!
  • Post a Last Minute Availability Alert. We receive a ton of traffic to our Deals and Specials page. This is a way to make sure your home is seen with the rest of your competition!
  • Make sure your pictures are the best they can be – large, seasonal, and as many of them as possible.
  • Be sure to solicit guest reviews from your past tenants. Vacationers often tell us that they will move on to another listing if one doesn’t have any reviews, or if none of the reviews is from within the last year or so. Read more about the importance of guest reviews.

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