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5 Crucial Reasons to Update Your Calendar!

Written by Becky Fischer
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For those homeowners who update their calendars weekly, we thank you! It is so important and reflects positively on you and on our website. A current date stamp is the best way to assure vacationers that all pricing and availability information is accurate. Here are 5 reasons why we implore you all to update your calendar’s date stamp weekly, even if nothing has changed:

  1. Most importantly, vacationers really care about updated calendars. It is so frustrating for vacationers when they spend time searching for the perfect home, only to find out that the one they took the time to inquire about was booked, despite the calendar indicating that it was available.
  2. Such frustration turns people off our website, which reduces your listing’s exposure. We work hard every day at promoting our site to vacationers. We want to keep them happy and returning to our site each season, as that helps you!
  3. Listings with recently updated calendars are more credible and attractive to vacationers. If a vacationer calls and asks us for help in finding a home, we tend to avoid recommending those listings with out-of-date calendars. It’s too risky and vacationers often move on to another listing.
  4. Vacationers can choose to re-sort their search results by “Calendar last updated” dates. If the date stamp on your calendar isn’t current, your listing will appear below those that are.
  5. We make it really easy to do. Just click the “Calendar and Pricing” link in your Homeowner Center. Make any changes regarding availability or pricing, and click the “Submit” button. Or, if there are no changes, simply click the blue “Update Date Stamp” button at the top.

As one Harwich homeowner declared, “To me, the three most important factors for getting rentals, and our summers have been 100% booked out for nearly three decades now, are: Responding immediately to inquiries; keeping the calendar updated regularly so prospective renters know the week/s they are considering are in fact available; and having great Guest Reviews.”

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Becky Fischer - I have worked for since 2003 and have lived in Brewster with my husband and three children since 2006. I grew up outside of Boston, spent summer vacations on Nantucket, and was married in Orleans. My favorite activities on the Cape are walking on the CCRT, deep breaths at the beach, oystering, yoga classes, and working with my community to support the schools and local events. Wearing several hats at work, I offer photography and video services to homeowners, work closely with the Chambers of Commerce, promote the site through social media, and distribute thousands of buckets, frisbees and lawn signs! You should see my garage! Email Becky