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Results of our Vacationer Survey

Written by Joan Talmadge
2/5 - (4 votes)

This past fall, we sent vacationers a survey to ask about their summer vacation on the Cape and Islands, and we received nearly 2000 responses. As you can see from the graphs below, their experiences were very positive, despite the challenges of coping with the pandemic. Many of them expressed a desire to return again next summer!


In addition to the responses depicted in the graphs above, many vacationers responded with thoughts about their experiences, both positive and negative.

Vacationers enjoy unimpeded access to homeowners and the ability to communicate directly with them prior to booking.

I really like dealing directly with owners and appreciate being able to speak with them before I book a home.

It felt safe booking through your site and had great communication with the homeowner.

Vacationers also like that we are focused on the Cape and Islands and have so much content dedicated to this area.

WeNeedaVacation is my go-to website for Cape rentals. Your search filters are great. And I like that your website is focused on the Cape & Islands and feels local.

Great selection of rental homes on your site. By far the best. I tell all of my friends to use you for the Cape and Islands.

By far, the number one criticism vacationers voiced is that homeowners are not as responsive to inquiries as they should be.

I inquired with a couple of properties and never heard back from them. Disappointing.

I stopped using your site because I would inquire about a house that was supposedly available only to find out—sometimes three days later—that it was not. It was very disheartening.

Vacationers are also frustrated by out-of-date calendars.

Please update the 2021 calendars as soon as you can so we can book early!

Make sure your homeowners update their calendars!

Ask owners to keep their calendars up to date. Frustrating to find a house that matches dates only to have the dates actually not available after all.

In their feedback, some vacationers voiced concerns about out-of-date pictures, cluttered homes, inadequate air conditioning, and problems with bugs.

Encourage owners to provide detailed, honest information. New photos would be helpful if they aren’t accurate anymore.

The house in general was great, but it was very cluttered which made it hard to relax.

Rentals should be clutter free and have fresh linens, not tired and worn ones.

The air conditioning units weren’t enough to cool the house, especially the bedrooms.

We had issues with bugs. Homes should be treated in the spring.

Like you, our goal is to enable vacationers to have a positive experience with homes on our site and that it will result in their wanting to return to the Cape and Islands every year. Here’s to working together for a successful 2021!

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  • Glad to hear – that overall – 2020 vacationers had a good experience. Our guests agreed. All communicated their enjoyment – and relief – at being able to vacation. We look forward to the 2021 season and we thank We Need a Vacation for partnering with us to make it possible. Here’s to better things in 2021 for everyone!

  • I love this site and I love working with Joan and her team. They are always right there when needed!
    It’s wonderful to have direct contact with renters right from the start. Thank you!