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Celebrating your successful 2022 rental season

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Congratulations on the completion of another successful rental season! You’ve made it through Labor Day, and many of you will soon be reclaiming your homes until next season.

Stay tuned for the full 2022 season recap later this fall, but our current available data indicates that this has been a very positive rental season.

The past 3 years have been challenging

You’ve had a lot to contend with. Things started getting “interesting” with the upheaval brought on by the Lodging Tax in 2019, effectively raising the amount vacationers have to pay by nearly 15% in most towns and creating more management work for homeowners. The next year, we were all stunned by a global pandemic. Then, just as Covid worries finally receded, the summer of 2022 brought issues of inflation, heat and drought, and continued staffing shortages throughout the Cape and Islands region.

But you did it! How do we know?

We have received more guest reviews this season than ever before: nearly 10% more than last summer, which was higher than any previous year, too. More than 98% are 4- or 5-star reviews, so kudos to you for providing such wonderful experiences for your guests.

Here are some examples of reviews from this summer expressing how appreciative vacationers are when owners are thoughtful, responsive, and communicative:

“The first thing to mention about this lovely rental is how attentive and thoughtful the owners were in making themselves available to us when we had questions.”

“The hosts were so kind and responsive. The welcome bag was an amazing, unexpected addition. All communication was super easy and quick.”

“Our family enjoyed a wonderful end-of-summer trip to Cape Cod and were lucky to find this amazing home. From booking to departure, we had nothing but wonderful things to say about the home and our hosts.”

Building on your success

Early inquiries for NEXT season are significantly (well over 100%) higher than pre-pandemic summers. Vacationers had such great experiences this year that they are anxious to secure a home for next season already.

If your guests this year were really happy, they might not only return next year and for years to come, but they will write rave reviews (if they haven’t already) like the ones above. And those, in turn, will improve your ability to fill your home with other guests in the future.

We constantly hear from homeowners that their best guests come from WeNeedaVacation. We’d love to take credit, but the truth is, it’s only because we allow you to do your job! When you have control over the booking process, there are fewer misunderstandings, more appropriate guests in your home, and a more positive experience for all involved.

So, congratulations again on your successful 2022 summer rental season, which bodes well for 2023!

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