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Our New Vacationer Show

Written by Tyler Pyburn
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Plenty of TV shows focus on vacationing all over the world, but now there is one that focuses solely on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket! We recently put together a pilot episode that hones in on everything we love about the Cape and Islands.  We’re not sure what to call it, but, for now, think of it as “Chronicle for the Cape and Islands.”

The impetus for the show is our desire to stay ahead of the marketing curve, especially in social media. Facebook recently rolled out a watch tab of original shows and content. Through this mass of original content, Facebook is trying to become a home for people to return on a daily, weekly, or monthly, basis to view the latest episode of a specific show. This is a unique opportunity for us to increase our audience for people, places, and things on the Cape and Islands, including your vacation rentals!

Our first episode focused on fall on the Cape and Islands and was the perfect opportunity for us to subtly showcase a home on our site.  Future topics such as Weekend Getaways, Family Reunions, and Town Profiles are ideal for blending vacations with vacation rental content.  The goal is to grab their attention and then stimulate interest in our vacation rental homes.

Do you have an idea for what we can call our show?  We could always choose something simple like WeNeedaVacationTV, but we also want to get your thoughts. Feel free to leave a comment below. We will be promoting these episodes throughout our social channels and would love your help in spreading the word! Share, comment, and “like” the shows on Facebook or Youtube. And of course, keep tuning in!

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Tyler Pyburn

Tyler Pyburn - I am a newcomer to, but am absolutely ecstatic to be part of such a seasoned team as a Marketing Manager. I've spent the past few years as a digital marketing maven helping brands build their online presence and will assume a similar role here. I also had a short stint as a sports reporter for CBS, but now I’d much rather find my way to a bleacher seat at a Cape League game than in the press box. My wife and I live on the south shore with our three dogs; Dale,Trot, and Vinny.Email Tyler


  • Hi
    Happy to see this. “Everyone” who has a place on the Vineyard knows that Fall is the best time there, especially September. Still, I think that can be stated more positively than it is in the video: several comments by on screen people stated that traffic, beaches, crowds of summer are avoided. That gives the message that people should avoid summer. Every one knows about the summer crowds. Do we have to make that negative point?

    I think a bigger draw is that people rent for less in the Fall. And it is therefore a deal.

    May be a title could draw on some thing positive about the Fall rental (which is not negative about the summer)
    How about something like: A Best Kept Secret:a Fall New England vacation By the Sea

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, Ginny! Very much appreciated. We are aiming to release between 2-4 “episodes” a month and we will definitely be promoting the summer as much as humanly possible. Thanks again for watching!

  • Very nice job! I do wish the wind had not been blowing as much.
    I feel the golf courses and activities for adults should be highlighted as that time of year, children would be in school and the people interested would be empty nesters. Perhaps 2 couples traveling together.

    • Great feedback, Marilyn! We are planning to roll these out on a regular basis so there will be plenty of opportunities to showcase other fall (and now winter) activities! Thanks so much for watching.