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Is your listing up to snuff? Check your Listing Quality Audit!

Written by Elizabeth Weedon
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Updated March 2024

In this changing and increasingly more competitive vacation rental market, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your listing is thoroughly informative and attractive in order to make it stand out from your competition and invite as many inquiries and bookings as possible. How can you be sure that it is?

The first step is to look at your Listing Quality Audit via the link in your Homeowner Center:

The Listing Quality Audit provides a quick and easy way for you to see recommendations for improving the quality of your listing.  The Audit addresses issues involving your Response Time and Response Rate, when your calendar was last updated, photos, their captions, and the status of your guest reviews.  It also provides a detailed assessment of your availability and pricing.  The recommendations made are specific to your listing and provide tips about how you can better market your home.

Keep in mind that, as helpful as the Audit is, it cannot assess non-quantifiable items such as the content or quality of your pictures – Have you included an image of the nearest beach, for example? Or one of your backyard?  However, it does pick up the number of pictures that you have posted relative to the size of your home, whether the pictures adjust to full-screen size, if they are horizontal/landscape, and whether the captions are informative, etc.

The Audit also suggests that you take advantage of some free features available to you that you may not have yet. One of these is the About the Owner feature, which gives a terrific opportunity for you to provide vacationers with a personal perspective about you and your property.  Here you can describe your home in a much more subjective and enthusiastic style than your listing’s Property Description.

Another important recommendation is that you take advantage of our Booking Management system if you are not already doing so. This enables you to record information about your bookings online, right in your account, capturing notes about your guests and tracking what monies are due and when, or if anything is overdue.  It’s also a great way to prevent double bookings! See our most recent Booking Management updates here.

Many of you have listed your home with us for years and are aware of how very accessible and eager we are to assist you in evaluating your listing. We are never shy about offering suggestions! The Listing Quality Audit is a quick assessment and easy way for you to see if there are any immediate or minor adjustments you can make to ensure that your listing is as appealing as it possibly can be.

Have you taken a look at your Listing Quality Audit recently?

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