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Set yourself up for success with the Ideal Listing eBook!

Written by Shannon Russo
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Download the Ideal Listing eBook!Successful vacation rental marketing starts with an informative, accurate and thorough online listing.

Written by the staff of WeNeedaVacation, the Ideal Listing eBook is a quick and easy read designed to help vacation rental owners get back to basics.

Download the Ideal Listing eBook now to ensure your online listing contains all of the elements we recommend.

Download the Ideal Listing eBook

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Shannon Russo

Shannon Russo - It gave me great pride and pleasure to be the driving force behind the Homeowner Blog from it's inception in November 2011 until September 2014. During that time, I also had the opportunity to educate and empower homeowners through the production of a Homeowner Video Tutorial series, the design of all email communications, and assisting Cape and Islands homeowners with the knowledge I have gained from owning a just-off Cape vacation rental home for over ten years. Email Shannon

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