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Security Cameras: What you need to know

Written by Elizabeth Weedon
Security Cameras: What you need to know
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Cameras and other smart technology devices are becoming increasingly more popular among short-term rental owners. Of the 500+ homeowners who responded to our recent survey, more than 20% have installed security cameras in their vacation rental homes.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of having them in your home – as well as some of the important factors to consider if you do.


The most obvious benefit of security cameras and smart technology devices, such as motion or sound detectors, is their ability to keep an eye on your home, especially if your home is far from where you live.

In the off season, these devices can deter vandals and thieves. Or, if a pipe bursts, humidity sensors can detect extraordinary moisture and alert you, potentially saving your home from major damage.

During the rental season, devices can monitor the use of your home, identifying excessive noise, occupancy, parked cars, etc. Also, if you do not allow pets, the cameras can detect if your guests have brought one.

Additional advantages

Another advantage of security cameras is their ability to let you know when your cleaners and contractors arrive and leave, allowing you to verify the hours they charge you for and if it’s okay for your guests to enter the home.

Having security cameras and other smart tech devices in your home can also provide a valuable screening tool. Anyone planning to host an unauthorized, large group or to party excessively will think twice about booking a home after being told about the devices. So, if you have them, be sure to mention them as a deterrent to guests who would likely harm your home – or antagonize your neighbors.

Important factors to be aware of

By law, security cameras are not allowed inside the home or in any private locations (like an outdoor shower).

You must divulge the presence of the cameras to your guests. Ideally, this should be done well prior to their arrival or even before they sign the lease. In fact, the presence of the cameras should be included IN your lease. That way, they cannot deny that you informed them.

Many homeowners turn off their security cameras during the rental season and inform their guests that their purpose is just for off-season security.

But keep in mind that the presence of security cameras and other devices can be of benefit to your guests as well as to you. Your guests should be happy about the added security the cameras offer them. And devices like a keyless entry system are so much easier and more convenient for them than keys.

Thus, security cameras and other smart tech devices can not only deter UNwelcome guests from your home, they can also attract and please the welcome ones.

Learn more about smart tech devices for your home.

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