2021 Design Trends

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2021 Design Trends

With more people spending time at home during the pandemic, the focus has shifted to comfort, practicality, and purpose when it comes to home decor. Here are a few 2021 trends that we are noticing, especially in vacation homes on the Cape and Islands. 

Quality Over Quantity

A Cape Cod Colonial Table

With everyone, including vacationers, spending so much time in the home, quality has become an important factor in new purchases. Consumers are focusing on durable furniture items, long lasting linens, and furniture fabrics that can handle more wear and tear. Items like glass coffee tables and dainty fabrics are being featured less. 

Looking to purchase new quality pieces locally? The family-owned Cape Cod Colonial Tables hand crafts beautiful tables, chairs, and benches from locally sourced materials. The team builds their furniture using American chestnut and white pine. These beautiful pieces will make a statement in any home and last for years to come. 

Ocean Blues 

Aegean Teal: Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year

Ocean blue is a popular choice for owners who are looking for a new paint color. The Benjamin Moore color palette of the year features Aegean Teal 2136-40, a comforting blue that compliments a calming, neutral palette. It’s described as the perfect color to “relax and reflect.” 

Hubbard Paint and Wallpaper, a Cape Cod locally owned business with three locations in the area, has all of your paint and wallpaper needs. Hubbard prides themselves on their quality tint systems, ensuring all of their products have exceptional color. If you’re looking to purchase Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore paints are available in store, among other premium products. 

Looking for more Benjamin Moore options? Baskin’s Ace Hardware Store is another store with four Cape locations and over 3,500 beautiful Benjamin Moore colors. If you’re looking for assistance with colors, their friendly staff loves to help customers find the perfect shade. 

Multipurpose Spaces

Barbo’s Passages Desk

During 2020, homes became multipurpose spaces. Kitchen tables doubled as office desks, children’s homework stations, and zoom call locations. As a result, intentionally multipurpose spaces have become a focus for homeowners. They have adapted their space to include an area for work, schoolwork, meditation, exercise, and more. 

Homeowners who are feeling the need to create multipurpose spaces may consider purchasing a desk space or sectioning off an area for visitors to use to their liking. Barbo’s Furniture, located in Falmouth and Dennisport, is a great spot to purchase multipurpose furniture. They have been producing high end pieces since 1971 in a variety of finishes. Be sure to check out their unique desks and home entertainment pieces. 

Comfortable Spaces 

Photo courtesy of Adorn’s social media

More time spent at home also creates the need for comfort, such as the addition of bright plants, softer bedding, and new mattresses. One mattress company, Simba and Pals, found that they experienced a 60% increase in sales last year due to the high demand for improved sleep comfort. Homeowners who want to make their rental more cozy may think about painting their walls in calming colors, adding snuggly furniture to their living room, or even simply removing unnecessary clutter. Vacationers will be delighted at the opportunity to relax in a comfortable space. 

Adorn, located in Orleans, has all of your cozy needs. The store is a relaxing destination in itself, featuring lush plants, decorative pillows, and luxurious candles. You’ll definitely find some gorgeous pieces for your home and may even leave with some cozy items for yourself! 

Looking for a cozy item made just for you? Modern Vintage Design Studio in Sandwich is known for their custom designs. While they have a variety of beautiful pillows, bath items, and clothing for sale in store, visitors can inquire about made-to-order products. Modern Vintage uses exclusive fabrics to create personalized pillows, seat cushions, and more. These eco-friendly, natural fiber products would make the perfect personalized touch to your rental home.

Touch-Free Surfaces

Kohler Touchless Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

As a result of the pandemic, consumers are searching for ways to reduce the spread of germs in their home. This has led to a rise in touch-free products, which can be used without consumers needing to make contact with them, resulting in no spreading of germs. Trash systems, faucets, and other household appliances are perfect examples of suitable touchless upgrades. This is an excellent opportunity to reduce the spread of germs within your home and leave your vacationers feeling at ease.  

We recommend browsing local appliance stores to find these new products. Kohler, for example, has a great touchless pull-down kitchen sink faucet. These high-end appliances would be an excellent investment. 

While trends, like vacationers, come and go, these ideas would make great permanent additions to any home. 

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