Cape & Islands Rental Bookings Are Up 2x Last Year

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Bookings are up – way up.

Demand for Cape & Islands vacation rentals has been increasing throughout the year, resulting in a record number of bookings by the start of spring.  In a complete turnaround from 2020 when a rental ban was put in place by the end of March and activity slowed to a crawl, this year has seen the interest increase dramatically throughout the first few months of the year.

The record bookings reported by March this year are up over 100% for the Cape & Islands compared to last year before the pandemic started, and up at least 62% over recent years.

Vacation rental bookings 2021 2x increase


Rental Demand Setting New Records

As positive news is reported regarding the vaccine rollout, vacationers are anxious to confirm summer plans after a long, homebound winter.  And, although summer weekly rentals remain the most popular, off-season and long-term rentals are also experiencing an increase in demand.

Typically, the peak demand during the first quarter of the year occurs in January.  Recently, however, activity has been growing constantly for the past 4 weeks, significantly surpassing previous highs in January.

unique vacationers per week 2021

Available Weeks

vacation rental vacancy summer 2021


Activity for all summer rental weeks, plus off-season dates, are at record highs right now.  As expected, the heart of the summer is the most popular, with a vacancy rate of only 12-17% for the prime weeks.

popular vacation rental weeks summer 2021

Each week, however, still has hundreds of rental homes available, and more new listings are being added to the site every day. Provided vacationers are flexible in their dates and/or requirements, they will be able to find a rental for their family and friends. View our tips for finding a Summer 2021 Rental.

These trends continue to showcase the lure of the Cape & Islands for a safe, affordable, and enjoyable vacation. The beginning of spring and anticipation of summer bring hope that a Cape vacation will be possible for everyone. And for some, it will be the first time generations of families are able to get back together safely under a single roof.

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