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2012 Cape & Islands Vacation Rental Booking Season Sets Strong Pace

Written by Jeff Talmadge
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Each year brings different dynamics and this year is no different so far.  Based on January bookings, we are off to a strong start for next summer, as bookings for the Cape & Islands are up a strong 16.3% over a year ago.  The Vineyard has shot out of the gate at an impressive 26% increase.  Whether this burst of activity presages a strong overall season – our hope – or, merely a shift in vacationer timing to earlier bookings, will not be clear for a few more months. But, we’ll be watching closely and reporting regularly on what we are seeing. To read our full press release on these booking numbers as well as pricing-related issues so far this season, click here.

Have you noticed more interest in your home earlier than usual this year? Do you think the strong pace here at the outset will continue throughout the season?

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