Apr 04 2014

The Birth of WeNeedaVacation.com

WeNeedaVacation.com Co-owners and Founders, Joan and Jeff Talmadge

WeNeedaVacation.com Co-owners and Founders,
Joan and Jeff Talmadge

The year was 1997, and we were entering our second season of renting out our vacation home in East Orleans. Jeff was burning the midnight oil as he created an interactive website for vacation rentals. This was a time, mind you, when many people were totally unfamiliar with the Internet, never mind advertising vacation rentals through this vehicle. Five-line newspaper ads were more the norm!

The next step was thinking of a name for our website. Our first idea was to call our company “Journey’s End.” In fact, we even had stationery printed. (Yes, back then, people still wrote letters.) But we were stopped in our tracks when a few friends suggested that Journey’s End sounded like a funeral home! Whoops.

The next name we conceived of was “All Seasons Vacation Rental Network.” Since we planned to advertise rentals in all of New England (next stop, the world!), and since company names were often listed alphabetically, we felt we had a winner.

Now we needed a website URL. In a meeting with a marketing expert, she encouraged us to think of something catchy. “It doesn’t have to be short,” she said, “and, in fact, it could even be a sentence.” So, in a rare moment of creativity, I came up with “WeNeedaVacation.com.” Now, here we are, 16 years later having dropped the All Seasons name and still going strong with this website name. I would be a rich woman if I had a dollar for every time I answer the phone with “WeNeedaVacation.com,” and the person on the other end of the line says, “Boy, do we!”

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The Birth of WeNeedaVacation.com
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Joan Talmadge

Joan Talmadge - My husband Jeff and I created WeNeedaVacation.com in 1997, shortly after buying our Cape home. My background includes teaching fifth grade for 8 years and writing and editing educational publications for 15. I get great joy from helping fellow homeowners successfully rent their homes. Jeff and I are proud to have two of our three grown children working for WeNeedaVacation.com, truly a family-run business. For me, the Cape and Islands are magical all times of the year -- whether it's walking on Nauset Beach, playing golf, or enjoying family and friends. Email Joan


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  1. Pam

    Thanks Joan and Jeff for your vision and hard work. You have done such a great job with “weneedavacation.com. You are providing a wonderful tool/service for us home owners.

    My best,

    PS – It was great to hear your story about how you began.

    1. Joan Talmadge

      Thank you, Pam. It’s wonderful homeowners like you who make our job fun and gratifying!

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