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Thanks to all who attended the Open House celebrating our new Cape office!

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Joan, Becky, David, Taryn, Jeff, Michelle, Lauren

What a great afternoon! Our team was thrilled to welcome over 85 guests to help us celebrate the opening of our new office at 15 Cape Lane in Brewster last Saturday, Nov. 9th. Many homeowners and local business owners stopped by for food, wine tasting, and a tour of the new office. We are so appreciative of the kind good wishes and expressions of congratulations. We want our homeowners, business partners, vacationers, and the Cape Cod community to know that we are local and available and here to stay!

The party felt festive with lovely flowers, arrangements, candles, and delectables. We are lucky that team member Taryn is so crafty and creative! In the conference room, where the food was offered, we shared several property videos and homeowner tutorial videos for guests to view. Upstairs, members of our team were available to discuss specific questions posed by our visiting homeowners.

Open House Attendees

There are many people to thank for the great success of this event. First, thanks to all the attendees who gathered with us to celebrate! A big “thank you” to Realty Executives, who own the building and were incredibly accommodating in letting us move furniture and take the place over! We were happy to have a few of you there to join in the fun and meet our guests. Our sponsors, Harwich East Liquors, provided a wonderful wine tasting with several reds and whites to choose from. Thanks, Rachel, for your expertise and smiling face. And finally, thanks to the Yardarm and The 400 East for each donating $50 gift certificates for our raffle prizes!

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Becky Fischer - I have worked for since 2003 and have lived in Brewster with my husband and three children since 2006. I grew up outside of Boston, spent summer vacations on Nantucket, and was married in Orleans. My favorite activities on the Cape are walking on the CCRT, deep breaths at the beach, oystering, yoga classes, and working with my community to support the schools and local events. Wearing several hats at work, I offer photography and video services to homeowners, work closely with the Chambers of Commerce, promote the site through social media, and distribute thousands of buckets, frisbees and lawn signs! You should see my garage! Email Becky