It’s Time to Reach Out to Your Guests

Written by Joan Talmadge
It’s Time to Reach Out to Your Guests
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We have always stressed the importance of communicating well with your guests before, during and after they stay with you. (See our previous post about Pre-Arrival Communication with Your Guests) But in this unprecedented season of confusion and fears, your guests need to hear from you more than ever!

Why is good communication so vital?

  • Builds a connection: Rather than considering you an unknown, impersonal “landlord,” communicating often enables your guests to connect with you, to relate to you personally.
  • Creates trust: That personal connection paves the way to trust, which is so important. Trust prevents suspicion and wariness, enables guests to overlook any petty annoyances that can arise (even in the most perfect of homes), and allows your guests to relax about entering into a financial agreement with a total stranger.
  • Reassures: Good communication reduces fears/anxieties/concerns, which can otherwise turn into frustration with you.
  • Engenders goodwill between both parties: And that goodwill more often leads to positive guest reviews and repeat stays.
  • Is simply helpful: When renting out your home, you are providing more than a roof over your guests’ heads – your goal is to provide them a wonderful vacation experience. So, offer guidance about what to bring or not bring, ideas about what to do when they’re there, information about what your expectations of them are, etc.
  • Avoids misunderstandings: So often a complaint or negative review is the result of a misunderstanding between hosts and guests. If you communicate well with your guests, there is much less likelihood of their misunderstanding anything.

How can we help?

Each one of your homes is unique, and each of you manages your home differently. But using templates provides ease, creates consistency and professionalism, and saves time. It also helps you remember to tell them everything!

To that end, we have created the first of a number of templates for your use. You will want to edit them to make them more personal, of course, and also because you may want to add or delete some language, depending on your particular situation. But, like a lease, you should be able to initially edit the template we are providing and then save it for your use going forward.

Download Email Template: Checking in with your booked guests due to COVID-19

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