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Does your rental home provide the ideal bed configuration?

Written by Joan Talmadge
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Bed configuration is an important factor in successfully marketing your rental home. Naturally, the size of your bedrooms may create some constraints.  But if you have some flexibility, think about what beds are most likely to appeal to the rental parties you’d most like in your home.

Your ideal bed configuration depends on the size of your home and the number of bedrooms you offer.  But here’s a rough guide to providing the most attractive set up for vacationers:

Ideal bed configuration by home size

Let’s start with the smallest home:

1 bedroom: Assume that your 1-bedroom cottage or condo will most likely attract a couple.  Keep in mind that most couples sleep in a queen or king bed at home, so they are unlikely to be content to squeeze into a double bed on vacation.  We call the double bed “the silent killer” because many vacationers will pass by a listing with a double bed in the master bedroom.  So, if the bedroom can possibly accommodate a larger bed, make the change.

2 bedrooms: Most 2-bedroom homes are best suited for a small family consisting of parents and two children, so a king or queen bed and two twins are usually ideal.

3 bedrooms: One bedroom (presumably the master) should have a king or queen bed, and the other two could have two twins each or another king or queen and two twins.  The master along with four twins is usually the safest bet to accommodate six people.

You can increase the versatility of 3+ bedroom homes by providing a twin-to-king converter to change two twins to a king.  The twin-to-king converter is a simple, T-shaped piece of foam that costs about $15.  The only other expense is the bedding.  You could mention in your listing that two of the twins could be converted to a king, thereby providing another bedroom for a couple.

4 bedrooms:  If you have more than one bathroom, you may be able to accommodate two small families consisting of two sets of parents and four children. In that case, two bedrooms should have a king or queen, with two twins in each of the other two bedrooms.  Again, you might mention that two twins could be converted to a king.

5+ bedrooms:  Most larger homes attract multiple families with at least several couples. Ideally, there should be enough king or queen beds to accommodate couples, with twin beds in the other bedrooms. Homes with just one or two king or queen beds and the rest doubles and twins tend to attract groups of young adults or college kids.

Alternative kinds of beds

Bunk beds can be fun for kids, but they have their limitations.  Unlike twins, they don’t easily accommodate either adults or very young children.

Sofa beds are notoriously uncomfortable and usually aren’t suitable for adults.

Futons, especially those with thick mattresses, can be more comfortable than sofa beds and are super convenient in a den or room that has other uses during the day.

Other things to consider

Don’t overstuff your bedrooms with too many beds.  If you have enough beds to accommodate 8 people but only one bathroom, for example, the guests’ experience may suffer.

Once your bed configuration is set, provide top-quality mattresses and bedding that is clean, attractive, and modern looking. Old, drab bed covers are a real turnoff for vacationers.  And be sure your bedroom pictures are top quality.  No matter how lovely your bedrooms may be, if the pictures aren’t good, vacationers are likely to bypass your listing. (Read our Blog post about Bedroom Pictures.)

The bottom line is that bed size and quality bedding can significantly affect vacationers’ decisions to book your home over another.  And it can also result in happy guests who want to return to your home year after year.


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