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Written by Jill Talladay
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Recycling has finally become a way of life, and many vacationers now expect it to be available wherever they travel. Although each Cape and Island town’s recycling practices differ a bit, most trash haulers do enable homeowners to recycle, albeit at an additional fee. Your guests will value this additional service, and you’ll be benefiting our environment.

The majority of recycling has become single stream, meaning that plastic, glass, aluminum, boxes (such as cereal containers) and paper all get recycled together. This makes it even easier as the recycling doesn’t need to be separated initially into multiple bins.

Some towns, such as Mashpee, also accept food scraps at their transfer station that they use to make compost, and others are conducting pilot programs. In Falmouth, a local company, Compost With Me, will pick up food waste from homes and businesses, and they are also accepting at the Falmouth Farmers Market. Just think about how much food we all throw away that just ends up in the garbage! By composting, we’re reducing the amount of trash and helping to provide nutrient rich soil to grow local produce.CARE recycles

As always, reducing overall consumption of packaging and products is even better than recycling. Homeowners can help by providing their tenants with reusable water bottles and encouraging guests to use your glasses, dishes and silverware when dining in your rental home instead of using paper plates and plastic silver.

Looking for a Cape Cod recycling or trash removal company? Take a look at the Home Service Directory.

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Jill Talladay

Jill Talladay is Founder of CARE for the Cape & Islands (CARE), a nonprofit organization working to create opportunities for visitors to contribute to local efforts that promote long-term environmental conservation and cultural heritage preservation. Jill has spent many years working in the tourism industry on Cape Cod and recently earned a Masters degree in Sustainable Destination Management from The George Washington University. She is passionate about “living green” and serving the community through her many volunteer efforts. She resides in a 250 year old former Captain’s home in Yarmouth. For more information on CARE visit: