May 13 2015

Handling Payments from our Northern Neighbors

canada moneyHomeowners report to us that they get more interest from Canadian vacationers than from any other foreign country.  In a previous blog post, we detailed the preferred methods of payment for international guests, including PayPal and bank transfers.  But here’s some advice specifically geared to Canadian tenants.

If you decide to have your guests pay you with a bank draft or money order, be sure to have them draw it in U.S. dollars, not Canadian dollars.  They will pay a small fee, but there will be none for you.

The other suggestion is to have the Canadian renter send you their payment by courier, such as FedEx or UPS, rather than the postal service.  Not only will it be much quicker and more reliable, but it will provide both parties with a tracking number.

Do you have any other tips to ease the international payment process?

Handling Payments from our Northern Neighbors
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