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Top Five Amenities Vacationers Want and You Would be Crazy Not to Add

Written by Becky Fischer
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1.    Air conditioning. Even though there are only about 4 days each summer where air conditioning is necessary on Cape Cod, many vacationers prefer not to perspire while on vacation. Plus, the ocean breezes feel so much better when the A/C is cranked so ideally guests can have the best of both worlds by leaving the windows open.

2.    Location, location, location. Believe it or not, we suggest that you move your house to be closer to the water. This may feel like an added expense, but doesn’t everyone want and deserve a water view!?

3.    Kindles in the bathrooms. Since it would be ludicrous to suggest that you install HDTVs in every bathroom, we more realistically suggest a Kindle in each bathroom so that your guests can relax and stimulate their minds while relieving their bowels. Perhaps download some great beach reading from the New York Times bestsellers list.

4.    Robotic maid service. Remember the Jetsons TV show, with the walking maid robot? Like Alice from the Brady Bunch, only mechanical. This is the new rage for vacationers and in high demand! A robot who will fetch them a drink, make a sandwich, rinse off sandy beach shoes, and compliment the way they look in their bathing suit. Really, like C3PO without the whine. Get yours here.

5.    A pool. I know it sounds expensive and like a headache, but we find that homes with pools really book quickly. Preferably a salt water filtered pool, so vacationers can make an easy transition from the beach to the pool. If you can install a poolside bar, that would be fantastic. So what are you waiting for? Break out your shovel and start digging!


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