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Soliciting Guest Reviews: Strike While the Iron’s Hot!

Written by Elizabeth Weedon
Soliciting Guest Reviews: Strike While the Iron’s Hot!
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Surely by now all homeowners realize how critically important it is to have guest reviews posted on their vacation rental listings. The words “pictures and guest reviews, pictures and guest reviews” are repeated like a mantra here in the office to homeowners seeking marketing advice for their listings.

In this age of online shopping, credibility and transparency are required to alleviate any fears of purchasing products “sight unseen,” and lots of great pictures and feedback from other vacationers provide that necessary trust. So, if you don’t have any guest reviews posted on your listing, get on it! Contact your past tenants, and ask them for some feedback!

How can you solicit feedback from your prior guests?

No matter how much they adored your property, your tenants are probably not going to offer to write you a review. So, here are some suggestions on how to solicit feedback:

• If your home is listed on WeNeedaVacation, use our terrific Request Form feature enabling you to generate an email to your tenants directly from your listing using a template provided for you. It’s really easy for you to do. And, more importantly, it’s even easier for them to comply with your request! All they have to do is click on a button in the email and start writing their rave review of your home.

• After their departure, email them on your own and ask if they would either reply to your email with some feedback or log in to your listing and submit a guest review. (Be sure to remind them of your property ID #.)

• If you are unsuccessful in getting a guest to submit a review directly, perhaps they’ve sent you a thank-you note or email after their stay. You can transcribe this feedback onto your listing, and it will appear as a “Homeowner Entered” review. Although not as credible or noticeable as Vacationer Entered reviews, which include eye-catching, bright red star ratings, they are certainly more effective than having no reviews posted at all.

For a comprehensive look at our guest review policy and guidelines, features, and information about how to solicit guest reviews, submit an Owner Response, etc., go to our Guest Reviews Help Page.

When should you solicit a guest review – is it ever too late in the year?

It’s NEVER too late! Ideally, of course, the sooner the better – when tenants’ vacation memories are still fresh and poignant. The more time that elapses since their stay, the less apt they are to take the time to submit feedback – and the feedback is less likely to be as glowing.

I have adopted a practice of returning security deposits within days of my tenants’ departures, and then commencing my Guest Review Request Form email to them with the news that I have just mailed the deposit back to them. Needless to say, they are much more amenable to writing me a positive review knowing that their deposit is already on its way to them. Watch our how-to video for more on using the Request Form.

Read about other advice regarding guest reviews, including the importance of posting guest reviews, how to manage your rental to gain positive reviewswhat to do if you get a negative review , and how to prevent receiving a negative review.


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