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Four easy ways to promote your home for the Holidays

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Four easy ways to promote your home for the holidaysMore and more families are deciding to break with tradition and spend Thanksgiving weekend or some of the Holiday season away, instead of (or in addition to) taking a full weeks vacation in the summer.  Sometimes, like last week, these vacationers will call us for recommendations on where to stay, and though we never give preference to one property over another, I wanted to share a few which certainly caught my eye.

 Create an inviting title

If we want guests to rent our home off season, we have to invite them!

“Perfect home for a Thanksgiving gathering – fully stocked kitchen and cozy living room with fireplace.”
“Enjoy First Night – watch the fireworks from our front porch. Special 3-night rate for New Year’s Eve.”

Show off your home

Give prospective guests reasons why they should select your home over all the other hundreds that are also available.  If you have a lovely fireplace, show a picture of it (yes, in use).   Include a picture of your kitchen.  Set your dining room table for a festive meal.  Remember that guests will be much more interested in your home’s interior accommodation during the Holidays than your deck and yard!

Entice guests with a special offer

Everyone loves a bargain.  For example, “Rent two nights at $300 and get a third night free.”  Or “Romantic getaway package for two includes $100 gift card for (local restaurant).”  It’s offers like these that catch the attention of vacationers.

Promote your town

Find out what’s going on in your town for the Holidays (see our list of Holiday events), and promote these events on your listing.  Chances are, visitors won’t know that there’s an annual Holiday celebration, festival, or concert unless you tell them, and this may well influence their decision to stay in your town.

Do you have any creative ideas about how to attract visitors for the Holidays?

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