PayPal and other Electronic Payments

Written by Tyler Pyburn
PayPal and other Electronic Payments
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Although many short-term rental owners still use checks as their preferred method of payment, PayPal can be a quick and easy alternative, especially for last-minute or international bookings. Online payments allow you to accept either bank transfers or other forms of digital payment.

Elizabeth Weedon and I sat down to record a podcast about accepting electronic payments, and we discussed whether they are a necessity.

Some questions we answer:

  • Should you accept electronic payments?
  • Who’s responsible for the fees associated with electronic payments?
  • Are there other options instead of PayPal?
  • Is a check in the mail still the recommended way to collect payments?


If you are looking for more information about PayPal, take a look at our blog post that dives into some of the fees associated with using the platform, as well as how it works with international payments.

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