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One More Reason to Use a Large and Lovely First Picture on Your Listing

Written by Becky Fischer
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We have written many blog posts this summer promoting Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket as the fantastic vacation destinations they are and the fabulous vacation rentals they offer. (View our Vacationer Blog.)

We incorporate lovely pictures of rental houses in most blog posts including  posts promoting Last-Minute Availability homes, Cute Cottages, Homes for Mother’s Day, or Figawi, or Father’s Day, etc. But as I began browsing the site recently looking for homes to feature, I realized that it is imperative that the first picture on the listing be what we deem “large.” This means that when you click on the picture,  the image that pops up should take up most of the screen. Below are examples.

Large first image:largePictures

Small first image:SmallPictures


Due to the way the site is programmed as well as the need to provide images that look great on all computers and smart phones, we cannot use small images in our blog posts. We sure would like to be able to feature all the homes, but we need to prioritize those with large pictures.

How do you know if your pictures are large? They need to be sized at least 1400×1050. When in doubt, upload the largest version of any pictures you take. Another way to measure, is by file size. Aim to use images that are 1MB in size or larger. You can also check out your pictures in Picture Central to see if there is a “Small!”  icon indicating that any of your images are small- or simply view them on your listing and see how they appear when you click on them to pop them up into the slideshow. For more information, please visit this link located in your Homeowner Center –

So, please upload large, bright, inviting pictures! That first picture is the all-important, first impression of your home!

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