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How to Pick the Right Kind of Paint for Your Vacation Rental Home

Written by Kerrie Kelly
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As the summer marches on, we have to wonder: have we made our rental home all that it can be as a vacation destination? A vacation rental home is an escape from reality, and choosing the elements that complete that oasis can be daunting—especially choices involving colors and patterns. When it comes to paint, the right blend, finish and color makes all the difference, especially if you’re hosting little ones or furry friends.

Here are a few tips for picking the right color for your vacation rental home:

  1. Sink Into Satin

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A vacation is supposed to feel like a luxury. When someone walks into your vacation rental home, you want to hear an, “aah,” not an, “eh.” One of the simplest ways to create a relaxing and luxurious environment is to coat the walls with paint that has an ultra-smooth, pearly finish. BEHR Premium-Plus Ultra is a great line for this job. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas in the house and doesn’t lose its shine. Its iridescent sheen is great for adding an extra pop to trim, doors, and even indoor furniture.

  1. All-In-One, and One-For-All

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Summer automatically kicks us into unwind mode, so the last thing we want to do is prep our walls for priming, painting, coating and cleaning. Why not do it all with one swipe of color? One of our top picks for the efficient painter is Glidden’s Duo collection. Glidden offers a wall-ready formula, but it also tackles a few other problems that come with painting. It provides exceptional hiding power (time to cover those crayon creations), has excellent adhesion to nearly all surfaces and is able to be scrubbed and washed as needed.

  1. Eco Excellence

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You and your guests deserve to breathe fresh air while on vacation, so you may want to consider incorporating an eco-friendly element into your design. Colorhouse paints make that process easy by providing a broad selection of paint colors and finishes, and they’re all Green Wise Gold certified. This means that they have been verified as 100 percent acrylic paints with zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), zero toxic fumes and zero chemical solvents. Even better than their super safe solutions is their ability to be used for hundreds of projects, whether you’re painting the living room or just touching up the exterior window sills.

Now that the paint is taken care of, you can start to focus on interior and exterior decorations and other ways to make your humble abode vacation-ready.

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