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Fall Photos – Marketing your Home for Fall Rentals

Written by Becky Fischer
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Updated July 2023

We all know that September and October on the Cape and Islands is magical. Excellent weather, cool nights, less bugs, less traffic, dining deals, no lines, the list goes on. Do your potential vacation rental guests know all these secrets?

Show your guests how to “Fall in love with (old) Cape Cod,” as Patti Page sang.

Good news! Fall bookings have risen dramatically year over year for the past 6+ seasons. Bad news – there are still many more homes available in the fall than there are vacationers, so you need your listing to stand out and you need to really work at inviting people.

In a previous blog post on tips for attracting fall vacation rental bookings, Elizabeth shared some excellent suggestions for updating your listing to increase your business. Go ahead – read that post, I’ll wait…

For your top-notch marketers who are very interested in fall rentals, grab your cameras. There are many easy shots and updated captions that will work well to invite vacationers for a fall visit.

Here 8 fall photo ideas

  1. Put mums on the dining room table and out on the deck. This will divert their eyes from the faded purplish looking hydrangeas. Also, photograph the fall flowers and trees in your yard that look their best this time of year. 
  2. Add a pumpkin or two on the front stoop.
  3. Think about the demographic of the vacationers at this time of year – not as many families, more couples who are here for art, birds, golf, food, festivals, etc. Hype the many fall events in your area. Share a photo of a picturesque event you attended. 
  4. Take a photograph of a local cranberry bog. They are magnificent in the fall. 
  5. Add a picture of the local golf course and use the caption to discuss off-season price deals. 
  6. Remind them with the caption on your beach picture that the beach is wonderful all year long. Please tell me you have a beach picture. (All Cape and Islands listings need a beach picture, regardless of where your home is located!)
  7. If you allow use of the fireplace or provide a fire pit, take a picture of them looking cozy and attractive.
  8. Instead of mentioning fans, mention warm linens.

As we always say, pictures are worth a thousand words, and the care you put into your listing sends a strong message to vacationers about the care you put in to your house and rental business.

Share how best you market your home in the fall!

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