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Cancellation policy options for vacation rental homeowners

Written by Joan Talmadge
Cancellation policy options for vacation rental homeowners
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As you know, the WeNeedaVacation platform provides homeowners with full control of the booking process, allowing you the benefit of defining your own cancellation policies. Since the beginning of the pandemic, though, we have received many calls and emails from homeowners and vacationers alike asking about OUR cancellation policy. The answer is that it’s completely up to the homeowner.

We do, however, have some thoughts for you to consider.

Regardless of your cancellation policy, we urge you to be as communicative and understanding with your guests as possible.  Despite the vaccines, these continue to be difficult and stressful times for all.  Naturally, if you are able and willing to relax your normal cancellation policy due to the pandemic, it will give your booked guests more peace of mind as they anticipate their stay vacation. And for any prospective guests, a more relaxed policy will make them more likely to book with you.

Some cancellation options

Every one of your situations is different – and we are not here to judge you. These are merely some options for you to consider and, below, some ideas about how to articulate them.

  • If you’re willing, offer them a full refund if they cancel more than 3 months prior to arrival.  Giving your guests the opportunity to opt out now may give you ample time to rebook your home.
  • Offer to allow them to cancel at a later date, but only if you are able to rebook your home.
  • Tell your guests that you are adopting a wait-and-see approach (see below).
  • Offer a percentage refund depending on the timing of the cancellation vis-à-vis the date of occupancy.
  • Stick to the usual cancellation policy (see the “Fairly strict” policy below).
  • For prospective guests/inquirers, suggest they look into, which is an aggregate website that enables vacationers to compare and buy trip insurance online. Read more information about general travel insurance for vacationers.  There are benefits to you as well as your guests if they purchase travel insurance.

The wait-and-see approach

As the pandemic situation continues to evolve, perhaps you might adopt a wait-and-see policy. It’s possible, for example, that travel restrictions and shelter-in-place recommendations will no longer be deemed necessary. If so, you might be less willing to refund a cancellation. If, however, things are the same or worse than now, you might be more willing to then refund all or part of your deposits.  But either way, delaying would give both you and your guests some breathing room to make a decision.  And if you communicate to your committed guests this wait-and-see approach, it removes some worry and sense of urgency from them as well.

Examples of emails from some homeowners to their guests

Whatever policy you choose to adopt going forward, here are some examples of language you can use, starting with the clause from our regular sample lease:

Fairly strict approach – taken from our Sample Lease

If the TENANT cancels his/her reservation, all funds received will be refunded ONLY if premises are re-rented by LANDLORD for the reservation period. LANDLORD will make every effort to find a replacement TENANT. If LANDLORD is successful in securing a replacement for the entire term of the lease, at the same rate and terms, the TENANT will receive a refund of the deposit paid less 5% of the total rent due for this lease. If re-rented for a lesser amount, the difference between this rental and the lesser rental amount shall not be refunded.  There is no guarantee that a replacement TENANT will be secured and there is no guarantee the TENANT will receive a refund if a replacement TENANT is not secured.

Wait-and-see Approach

Dear renters,

We hope you, your family, and your friends remain well. We just wanted to touch base with you regarding your plans for renting our house this summer. Of course, none of us really knows how things will evolve as we get closer to your arrival date.  But we want to do what we can to plan our summer and help you plan yours.  Our first priority is the safety of our families, both yours and ours.

 If you decide to cancel your rental before XX/XX/XXXX, we will refund your full rental deposit. But if you cancel by XX/XX/XXX, we will refund half of your deposit.

 All summer, we will have our cleaning crew pay extra special attention to disinfect and sanitize our home.


In consideration of the uncertain circumstances we are still in, cancellations will now be accepted on bookings made up to X weeks in advance of the rental start date with money fully refunded. Cancellations made up to X month(s) prior to the rental start date will be refunded X%, and cancellations made X weeks prior will be refunded X%.

I am hopeful that this added flexibility in policy will enable you to make the best decision for you and your family. 

Also lenient

Dear Guests,

 I hope you and your family are safe. I’m guessing that many of us wish we could be sitting on the deck overlooking Wellfleet Harbor, enjoying the peace and beauty of the Cape with all of this behind us. I’m hopeful that we will be there soon, but we aren’t there quite yet.

 I want to express my understanding that the future is unpredictable, and as your host, I want you to feel assured that I have your back. To help us all deal with the uncertainty of the COVID situation, we have modified several of our rental policies.

  • Your balance of payments will be due 3 weeks before arrival this year, rather than the usual 6 weeks advance, to facilitate last-minute decision making.
  • We’ve relaxed our cancellation policy to allow for cancellations as late as 3 weeks before arrival, with a full refund of your lock-in deposit.
  • If you would like to postpone your stay and move your lock-in deposit to reserve a week in 2023, we’re happy to do that – but please let us know as soon as possible.

For those of you who will be vacationing at our home this summer, we have arranged with our cleaning company to do an additional disinfectant sweep through at the end of every changeover cleaning to help keep you all extra safe.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding during this unsettling time. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

View our Blog post about how to address vacationer concerns about COVID-19. And if you do receive any cancellations, read about How to Handle a Cancellation.

Looking to share ideas with other homeowners? Join the Vacation Rental Community – Cape and Islands Facebook group. It’s a great way to pose ideas or questions and read about what other homeowners are thinking and doing – about cancellations or anything else related to managing a rental property on the Cape and Islands.

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  • Thank you for the good advice, Joan. We have already contacted our scheduled renters, telling them to not send any more scheduled payments until we see where this pandemic is going.

    We have not yet advertised it (because we don’t want to precipitate cancellations), but we will refund all monies received from our renters to date, almost all of whom are repeat clients. Gotta treat them right!

    • Good for you, John and Caroline. That wait-and-see attitude makes sense for a lot of us. Let’s just hope that your guests will be able to return as usual, for their and your sakes!

  • Thank you so much for this. We have, of course, been discussing what options we see that we have, including full refunds. We currently have in the lease that we take 10% out for cancellations and return the rest if we can rent for that time. We have an onsite manager/realtor who does our contracts, gives the key to renters, and respond if problems arise. I’m wondering how much we should pay her for the work she’s done so far when/if renters cancel. Any ideas?

    • Hi, Emily. Yes, our regular sample lease has a similar cancellation policy (except that it states that only 5% will be retained rather than 10%). And under normal circumstances, we feel that it’s fair. But in this situation, where huge numbers of people have lost their jobs or have had their incomes drastically reduced, we encourage homeowners to relax their normal policies as much as possible.