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Dec 30 2013

Screening Vacation Rental Tenants II: It’s OK to say No!

One concern shared by many of our vacation rental homeowners on Cape Cod is that they get cornered into renting to young adults looking for a fun place to party together for a week. (Homes on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are at less risk due to the greater logistical and financial demands of getting there.) …

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Jan 28 2012

Wanted – The Ideal Vacation Rental Tenant: How to screen for a better fit

That’s our goal, isn’t it?  To find tenants who enjoy our vacation rental home, are respectful of it, leave it in good condition, and will want to return?   But how is this best accomplished?  Step one is simple:  Speak to your prospective tenants on the phone.  While an initial email correspondence is fine, there’s nothing …

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