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Jan 29 2014

The Psychology Factor: Vacation Rental Damage Insurance vs Security Deposits

At first glance, vacation rental damage insurance can seem like a great prospect to a homeowner. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? And can it effectually replace the psychological impact of a security deposit?

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Dec 30 2013

Screening Vacation Rental Tenants II: It’s OK to say No!

One concern shared by many of our vacation rental homeowners on Cape Cod is that they get cornered into renting to young adults looking for a fun place to party together for a week. (Homes on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are at less risk due to the greater logistical and financial demands of getting there.) …

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Aug 31 2012

Withholding Security Deposits – Know Your Rights

So many of the disputes between vacation rental homeowners and their tenants every season involve the issue of withholding security deposits after a tenant’s stay. In a previous post, Vacation Rental Security Deposits – Too Much or Too Little?, I discussed …

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Jan 03 2012

Vacation Rental Security Deposits – Too much or too little?

When it comes to vacation rental security deposits, the question is not whether to require them, of course, but how much, right? Certainly all homeowners should indeed require a security deposit: not doing so removes any financial incentive from your tenants to leave your home in good condition and also deprives you from recouping any …

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Dec 19 2011

Does your vacation rental lease provide you adequate protection?

Like Robert Frost’s contention that “good fences make good neighbors,” good leases can promote better homeowner-tenant relationships. Believe it or not, we occasionally hear from a homeowner that they “don’t bother with using leases.”  But, even if they’ve been lucky enough to have avoided any issues with a tenant so far, they’re skating on thin …

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