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Oct 02 2013

Don’t let poor business practices result in lost bookings

Despite your home being a perfect fit for a prospective vacationer, it’s possible that you can lose the booking due to an ill-advised booking procedure. A recent email correspondence with a vacationer drove home the risks of a homeowner requiring too much of a rental deposit, too soon, and without providing the vacationer with a …

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Sep 20 2013

Quick Tip: What to charge for off season security deposits

One of our homeowners recently inquired about whether he should require the same security deposit for an off-season and/or shorter stay rental as he does for an in-season, weekly one.  

We recommend that you require the same security deposit in the off season as you do in the high season. The reason is …

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Jan 03 2012

Vacation Rental Security Deposits – Too much or too little?

When it comes to vacation rental security deposits, the question is not whether to require them, of course, but how much, right? Certainly all homeowners should indeed require a security deposit: not doing so removes any financial incentive from your tenants to leave your home in good condition and also deprives you from recouping any …

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Dec 13 2011

Considering Pets in Vacation Rentals: “Please, please, PLEASE, can Fido come, too?!”

There is certainly a growing desire to include family pets on vacations – and being able to do so is a definite advantage of renting a vacation home over staying in a hotel or inn, which rarely allow them.  Should you cave in and let your tenants bring along their family pet? Or stand firm …

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Dec 09 2011

Vacation Rental Payment Schedules: How much and when?

Yea! You’ve just made a booking! After screening your tenants and determining that they are indeed a good fit for your home, they have given you a verbal (or email) commitment. What’s the next step? Since there are no set or legally binding rules governing the payment schedule of vacation rental bookings, it’s pretty much …

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