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Feb 09 2018

Your Listing Quality Audit

In this evolving vacation rental industry, it’s more important than ever to create a top-quality listing to successfully market your rental home.  Listen to our recent podcast, in which Elizabeth Weedon and I discuss some tips about how to make your online listing more competitive. And, if you are listed on WeNeedaVacation.com, learn what they …

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Feb 05 2018

Online Payment Options for vacation rental homeowners

In a previous blog post, I addressed the growing demand from vacationers to be able to pay for their rental homes online rather than by mailing a check.  To meet this demand, many homeowners realize they should provide their tenants with an online payment option but want to do so without risking security, reliability, …

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Feb 02 2018

5 Reasons to Invest in New Interior Pictures

If we have said it once, we have said it 10,000 times. Presenting your home with large, bright, and attractive pictures will lead to more inquiries. Vacationers spend about 8 seconds browsing through listings, and if your pictures don’t grab them….off they go to look at the next house. 

We can help! Our photography service has …

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Jan 17 2018

How the new federal tax laws may affect vacation rental homeowners

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act closed out 2017 introducing many unknowns to the American taxpayer. While a full version of the bill is not available as of this writing on January 15, 2018, many news organizations have released general summaries of its contents. Unfortunately, there is still an element of incomplete and incorrect information …

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Jan 03 2018

The Benefits of Offering Your Guests Online Payment Options

In case you hadn’t noticed, the world has gone digital. And in the vacation rental industry, growing numbers of vacationers prefer to pay for their rental homes online rather than by sending a check. If you are a vacation rental homeowner and want to maintain an edge over your competition, we recommend that you consider …

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