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Feb 07 2014

Announcing our new map search feature!

We are pleased to announce that vacationers can now view search results as pinpoints on a map, viewing each listing relative to such landmarks as the beaches, the center of town, or other points of interest to them.

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Jan 29 2014

The Psychology Factor: Vacation Rental Damage Insurance vs Security Deposits

At first glance, vacation rental damage insurance can seem like a great prospect to a homeowner. But is it all that it’s cracked up to be? And can it effectually replace the psychological impact of a security deposit?

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Jan 15 2014

Curbing “Vacation Waste” Mentality: How to Cut Down on Utility Costs without Spoiling Your Vacationers’ Stays

Guest post by Chris Long at Home Depot: At some point, we’ve all done it – we’ve gone on vacation and said “forget about it!” when it comes to being careful about indulging in everyday luxuries. We’ve cranked the thermostat as far as it would go, we’ve taken extra-long showers, and we’ve left the lights …

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Jan 10 2014

Mastering your Niche: How to Get the Most Value from Niche Marketing

Guest post by Matt Landau: In my previous post, “The Future of Vacation Rental Marketing: It’s All about the Niche,” I wrote about the superior value of niche vacation rental sites like over their major, “big-box” competitors, HomeAway/VRBO and FlipKey.

The more …

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