Monthly Archive: October 2015

Oct 16 2015

About the Owner: Offering a Personal Perspective to Distinguish Your Home

Making your vacation rental business personal can have a significant impact on your marketing success.   Doing so provides invaluable trust to vacationers, who are booking a home sight unseen online, hoping not only that the home exists as advertised but also that their rental experience with the owner will be a positive one.

With the …

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Oct 08 2015

How to Shop for Flooring Tiles for Your Rental Home

When choosing tile flooring for a rental home, it’s important to consider all of the factors that could affect its appearance over the years. Tiles will alter in color and texture due to regular day-to-day traffic, environmental conditions and the hustle and bustle of rotating occupants. You want flooring that’s easy on the eyes, but …

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Oct 06 2015

Pricing Your Home

When pricing your vacation rental home, it’s very important to get it right. Naturally, those of you who have been renting for a few years have a pretty good idea what your weekly rate should be, but it’s still a good idea to re-evaluate each year to be sure you are not asking too …

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