Sep 10 2014

My House is Clean – Guaranteed!

guaranteeDespite the high degree of confidence I have in my professional house cleaner, and the fact that I usually work alongside her throughout the turnover process, I worry each Saturday afternoon about the satisfaction of my incoming tenants. I know, both from personal experience and working at WeNeedaVacation.com, how devastating it is to have a disappointed tenant or, god forbid, to receive a negative guest review. And I know that the majority of negative reviews are related to issues of cleanliness.

Cleanliness aside, I try to:

I do all this to assure my guests’ happiness – hopefully resulting in their posting a lovely guest review and possibly returning the following season, and certainly, preventing the slightest chance that they could submit a negative review.

But about the cleanliness… I decided this summer that I would offer my tenants a cleanliness guarantee: if they have any concerns at all about my home’s cleanliness, I will bring my housekeeper back, usually within 24 hours. Naturally, I checked with my housecleaner first.

Now, she and I work just as hard every turnover day, but I can relax knowing that, should anything get overlooked, my tenants won’t have any cause to be disappointed or to complain after their stay.

I have added the guarantee to the Welcome Letter I leave for my guests, and I may even add mention of it to the Property Description of my listing.

So far this year, all of my tenants have said the house was spotless upon their arrival. But I feel much better having offered the guarantee, and it’ll be a nice advantage when I market my home for next season!

Do you share my concerns about the happiness of your tenants, despite all your efforts? Do you think a cleanliness guarantee makes sense?

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My House is Clean – Guaranteed!
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