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Dec 28 2011

Trends in Vacation Rental Amenities: What are Vacationers Most Looking For?

You may not be able to offer your guests the Taj Mahal for their vacation experience, but you can make their stay equally memorable by providing some or all of the most sought-after vacationer amenities. Consider the following top five and their pros and cons – you may find they’re not always prohibitively expensive or …

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Dec 19 2011

Does your vacation rental lease provide you adequate protection?

Like Robert Frost’s contention that “good fences make good neighbors,” good leases can promote better homeowner-tenant relationships. Believe it or not, we occasionally hear from a homeowner that they “don’t bother with using leases.”  But, even if they’ve been lucky enough to have avoided any issues with a tenant so far, they’re skating on thin …

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Dec 15 2011

Build the Ideal Vacation Rental Listing Part 2 – Guest Reviews: Post ‘em or weep!

They’re everywhere and have revolutionized the way we all shop online. Reviews.  We consumers are increasingly basing our purchasing decisions on what complete strangers have to say about a product. Your rental home is no exception, and vacationers are demanding independent feedback from prior guests. So, if you don’t currently have any guest reviews posted …

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Dec 13 2011

Considering Pets in Vacation Rentals: “Please, please, PLEASE, can Fido come, too?!”

There is certainly a growing desire to include family pets on vacations – and being able to do so is a definite advantage of renting a vacation home over staying in a hotel or inn, which rarely allow them.  Should you cave in and let your tenants bring along their family pet? Or stand firm …

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Dec 09 2011

Vacation Rental Payment Schedules: How much and when?

Yea! You’ve just made a booking! After screening your tenants and determining that they are indeed a good fit for your home, they have given you a verbal (or email) commitment. What’s the next step? Since there are no set or legally binding rules governing the payment schedule of vacation rental bookings, it’s pretty much …

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